3 Dimensional Decorative Sign Carving Our ability to offer carved signs is limited only by your imagination.  We can use almost any 3D artwork and combine it with any saying, to design whatever you desire.  Favorite little sayings in life take on a fresh meaning when carved into solid wood. Custom Carved Products Our capability to carve custom designs in a variety of different woods and materials is one of many things that set us apart.  Combine that with a willingness to work with you on your projects at a personal level, and you have a company worth doing business with.  We can carve items from the size of a coin to something that is 4 feet tall, 12 feet long, and 8 inches thick.  The Gallery page on this site will show you about 16 different catagories that we can handle.  Murphy’s law says you will be the one to add #17 - So talk to us.  Welcome - Home Phantom Canyon Carving Company Phantom Canyon Carving Company offers a large number of ready made signs and carvings.  In addition, we offer complete custom carving services. Made with Xara Buffalo herd near Hartsel Colorado